Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fallen In Love Once Again...

Until last month I had this feeling that the love bug would probably die when it tries to come closer to me, or probably it wont even think of coming near me. But I have no regrets in confessing that I have been smitten..... that too big time.

Only this time its a place.....and quite naturally it is GOA. I would probably disagree with the people who say that Kashmir, or for that matter, any other place is the Heaven on Earth after having been to Goa last month. Cliche'd it might sound, but there is no place as beautiful as Goa. See for yourself......

Its hard to believe that these photographs were clicked by us. And guys trust me, these are not downloaded from any website. All have been taken by one of us - Tatya, Bhau, Ashi or me. I would suggest everyone to visit the link where these Photos are stored.(After someone uploads them of course!!)

I believe that a quick run-through our 4 day schedule would give a clear idea about how we spent our days in the Konkan (Actually we even went to Ratnagiri before reaching Goa and the picture on the right is taken in Ganapati Pule, Ratnagiri).

9.30 pm - The Journey...

We started off in a swanky-Brand new and Posh bus of the 'Mukund Kripa' stable (Some travel agency) from Pune to Ratnagiri. The bus ride was as smooth as the roads in Pune.

We had some amazing food during our journey (I'm being sarcastic) and also some petty arguments with the pan wala for his exorbitant rates.

But the company of the big guy and the Rohini- Hattangadi look Tatya (See for yourself) ensured that the journey was enjoyable.

Managing to get a couple of hours' rest, we reached Ratnagiri in
the wee hours of the next day.

As soon as I stepped down from the Bus, it occurred to me that the next 4 days were going to be the best ones in my life since a long long time.

7.00 am - Dada's House

We all had the privilege of meeting the most friendly people i.e. Ashi's Dada and his family. We were very well welcomed to his place even though it was 6 am in the morning.

There we decided to have a view of the surrounding from his house's terrace and boy, it was absolutely amazing. The cool breeze and fresh air that was kinda extinct in Pune was suddenly flapping on our faces.

The mood was perfect to take some photos. There was something in the air that made all of us shout 'Ek Number' on many occasions. And everythig around was truly 'Ek Number'.

Initially we were not planning to go sight-seeing in Ratnagiri, but dada insisted we pay a visit to Ganapati Pule which was just 25 kms. from his house. Without much ado, we started for the destination with dada and his car. I must say we don't get to see such fine sights in the city life. The drive was great and the mood even better.

In just below an hour's time we were already at the place. Being my first time in the Konkan, every sight was a pleasant surprise for me.

Well the following days were equally exciting (If not more..) and we made sure that we would enjoy ourselves to the fullest.

Man I wish I could write the whole stuff here itself, but guys, are you all really interested???

I hope I can find some free time so that I can browse through the photos once more and then complete this article in its true chronology. I will try to do that and you all can keep my spirit alive with your comments about this post. Trust me guys, hadnt there been any comments till now from you, this blog would not have grown so much. Thank you all for the appreciation and support.

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